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Did your pregnancy test come out positive? An important next step, regardless of what options you are considering, is to have an ultrasound.

Free First Trimester Limited Ultrasounds

We confirm and date pregnancy through free first trimester limited ultrasound. Our clinic is equipped with a state of the art ultrasound machine and all ultrasounds are administered by a registered nurse. 

Why you need an ultrasound after a positive pregnancy test

An ultrasound will help provide you with three important pieces of information regarding your pregnancy. 

  • An ultrasound will confirm that you have a viable pregnancy. 
  • An ultrasound will help to accurately date your pregnancy.
  • An ultrasound will determine the location of your pregnancy. 

We understand that an ultrasound can be an emotional experience, especially with an unexpected pregnancy. Our licensed medical professionals will provide you with compassionate care and will help make the experience as comfortable as possible. The registered nurse administering the ultrasound will be happy to take time to answer your questions. 

Fill out the form below to schedule your ultrasound appointment. Or you can text us at 209-836-4415. 

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We do not perform, recommend, or refer for abortions.