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We do not perform, recommend or refer for abortions. 

After an unexpected positive pregnancy test, many women feel a sense of urgency to make a decision when weighing her options. While we understand this pressure, we also know how important it is to gather some important facts about your pregnancy before you decide.  An ultrasound is the best way to determine this information. 

Free First Trimester Limited Ultrasounds

At PRC of Tracy we provide first trimester ultrasounds, at no cost to you. Our clinic is equipped with a state of the art ultrasound machine and all ultrasounds are administered by a registered nurse. 

The Purpose of a First Trimester Limited Ultrasound

An ultrasound will help provide you with three pieces of information about your pregnancy. At PRC of Tracy we want to make sure that you have accurate information before you make a pregnancy decision.

The main objective of this ultrasound is to verify your positive pregnancy test.

Your registered nurse will look to detect viability, measure the pregnancy for dating and make sure the pregnancy has implanted in the uterus. If the pregnancy has not implanted in the uterus, this is what is called ectopic and requires immediate medical attention. 

If the pregnancy is otherwise not viable, this changes the decision a woman faces and the type of medical care she needs.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to get an ultrasound before you make your final decision concerning your pregnancy.  

Getting an Ultrasound Appointment

Ultrasound appointments at PRC of Tracy can only be made when referred by a Client Advocate and approved by our nurse manager. An appointment with a Client Advocate is the first step. During this appointment, your Client Advocate will determine whether or not you will be referred for an ultrasound with our registered nurse. 

In most cases, this initial appointment includes a pregnancy test. 

Unless you have a medical verification (proof of pregnancy) you will need to take a test at PRC of Tracy that must be verified by one of our medical professionals. A pregnancy verification is a signed document by a doctor or registered nurse stating that you were found pregnant at their facility, including estimated due date - emails, lab results and other forms of documentation will not be accepted as proof.

Fill out the form below to schedule your pregnancy test or initial appointment. You can also text us at 209-836-4415. 

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We do not perform, recommend, or refer for abortions.